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Top 5 places in Delhi for Kulhad Vali Chai for chai lovers

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Alpha’ss Tandoori Chai

Alpha'ss Tandoori Chai is really one of the coolest spots for all the tea darlings to hang out at. You can arrange up and enjoy the delightful baked chai here, kadak Chai served in a kulhad to beat the crisp winter evening winds!

Price - Rs. 10 to Rs 25

Address - Alpha’ss Tandoori Chai - Shop 6, Commercial Complex, Mukherjee Nagar

Mucchad Di Chai

This li'l diner in Saket is exactly where you have to go when you wanna have a cup of garma garam Indian masala chai. These lovelies serve their extraordinary kulhad wali masala chai with 2 treats and it's exactly what you need when you are tired of your boring college lectures or office meetings. So without wasting any time, head over with your amigos here today and request up a pleasant cuppa for yourself!

Price - Rs 10 to Rs 45

Address - Mucchad Di Chai - Mehrauli Badarpur Road, Saidulajab, Saket

FB page -


This little shop in Green Park and Dwarka serves 11 assortments of teas and our desi soul is dying to their Spl Kulhad Chai that these folks are most popular for. Other than their teas, these folks additionally prepare delish Butter Masala Maggi, Egg Cheese Burger, Paneer Sandwich, Butter Masala Omelet and Mumbai Style Egg Bhurji. Drop by here and give them every one of the a shot TODAY!

Price: Rs 40 to Rs 90 for Tea

Address: Chaipiyoji - Main Market, Green Park & Sector 5, Dwarka

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Karamveer Ki Chai

We can all agree that nothing beats the delicious flavor of kulhad wali chai found on the side of the road. Additionally, you must sample a cup of cutting chai from Karamveer Ki Chai, a tiny cart located in front of the Hanuman Temple. When you have a tea craving, go right to this location because it is famed for serving kadak chai in a kulhad. Then you may thank us later.

Cost: Rs 20

Location: Karamveer Ki Chai, CP, outside of the Hanuman Temple


TPOT Cafe needs no prologue to the chai admirers of the city. These folks have been making our lives better with each teacup. They have natural tea choices like Tulsi, Oolong, Hibiscus and even Desi Chai choices like Adrak Chai, Kadak Chai, Masala Laung, and parts more that they cheerfully serve in kulhads. Thus, in the event that you haven't given it a shot at this point, at that point go immediately!

Price: Rs 30 onwards

Address: TPOT Cafe - Malviya Nagar, Noida, HKV & Other Outlets

FB page:

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