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Sony Launched its 1st 8k TV with the estimated price of Rs. 14 Lakh.

Source: Sony

The new Sony Z8H LED TV is the company’s first 8K TV in Quite a while, following close behind brands, for example, Samsung and TCL which launched their 8K models not long ago. Sony Z8H LED TV is estimated at Rs. 13,99,990, the Sony Z8H is the most excellent and premium TV in the range, and is confirmed by Sony as 'PS5 prepared'.

Sony Z8H will allow buyers to take advantage of the high refresh rate of 120Hz with Ultra HD resolution which allows PS5 to provide a smooth and high gaming experience for selected games.

What's more, there is likewise a Bravia Game Mode setting to advance your gaming experience for the upcoming Sony PS5, with the TV’s remote which can also control some features of Playstation.

The Sony Z8H can go up to 60Hz at 8K resolution. As of now, very little content is available in 8K but Sony Z8H will be future-ready when there will be more content available in 8K. The television runs on the Android TV platform and offers support for Google Chromecast, Google Assistant, Google Play Store, and Apple AirPlay 2.

For audio, the television packs the company's Acoustic Multi-Audio speaker system with Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos support.

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