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Ranveer Singh launches IncInk India Rape Backfire -Nitin Mishra |techbox18

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Spitfire aka Nitin Mishra was 19 years old when he heard about the Kathua rape case. He cried, and immediately after, he wrote and recorded Black.

"Lo aaj phir ek mar gayi

Soona sa wo aangan kar gayi

Par dusri thi duniya us pari ki

Lo wapas wo ghar gayi

Bhashan aur shuru mukadme

Mombatti jale diye bhi

Adhmara pita maa ko hai sadme

Koi dard ka zeher piye ji"

The initial scarcely any lines of IncInk's new melody by rapper composed and performed by Spitfire otherwise known as Nitin Mishra is characteristic enough of the occasions we live in; the time that doesn't treat its ladies similarly. With developing number of instances of assault and sexual savagery detailed against ladies, the melody dispatched by Ranveer Singh's record name illuminates the dull back streets of outrages. Furthermore, even urges one to think, consider and oppose the unfairness allotted India's girls. Since we should let it out – from the Nirbhaya cases from some time ago to the ongoing Hathras repulsiveness, nothing has changed. We took to roads to at that point, we are taking to roads now however it will barely matter if the aggregate still, small voice of the country stays impassive. Also, that is actually what Spitfire—the craftsman who advocated Asli Hip Hop from Singh starrer Gully Boy- - is attempting to state with his words.

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